Website Development

MarvelX - POS Dashboard

We spearheaded the effort to enhance UI/UX across key features such as POS, CDS, KDS, EDS, etc for Project Marvel X, realizing an innovative and seamlessly connected retail management experience.


Who will be working on my project?
We will assign a Project Manager and Dedicated Designer. If you have additional requirements besides UI/UX, we also have a modular internal team of specialists who are always ready from time to time to help take it to the next level (motion designers, illustrators, 3D designers, Webflow Dev, WordPress Dev). Of course, it needs an additional charge.
How can we get a design that meets our expectations?
Before kicking off the project, the client needs to prepare a brief that is as detailed and complete as possible. We will provide you with some questionnaires that can help you complete the brief. After that, our team will explore the design based on your brief. We will also create several design options for you to choose from.
What is Sans Brothers working time and process like?
We are remote natives since the beginning, from various cities in Indonesia. Our time zone is Western Indonesian Time (WIB) - GMT +7.We work swiftly from 9 to 5 and finish the given tasks every day.
How do I track the project's progress?
Our project manager will give you a daily report by EOD to make sure you are caught up with our fast-paced
Can our internal team collaborate with Sans Brothers?
Absolutely! We’ll set up a call or just discuss via chat to align our workflow, ensuring smooth collaboration.
How quickly can I expect a deliverable?
Typically, you will receive updates on every task within 1-4 days on average. Design projects can vary quite a bit in scope depending on the specific task.
How does communication work throughout the project?
Once you make a payment, we’ll create a WhatsApp Group where you can reach out to us quickly at any time. We'll discuss design tasks there and share updates with you throughout our working day. If a call is needed, we will be available to make that happen but need to schedule it first with our Project Manager. However, we try to keep conversations as asynchronous as possible, using screen records, so that hours can be spent getting work done.
What programs do you design?
Figma is the main tool we use for design. For website implementation, we primarily use Webflow and WordPress. For motion and animation, we mainly use AfterEffects and Principle. For logo and branding, we primarily use Adobe Illustrator. For 3D Design, we mainly use Blender.
Do you offer any refunds?
To ensure our team and you are committed to realizing the project together, we will try to push to the limit to complete the project and we do not offer refunds.

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